Driving directions for Owens River Gorge so that I don't go down the wrong road again - Bishop, California


Disclaimer: Conditions may change over time and these directions may not always be accurate. Do not drive on dangerous or closed roads.

  1. From 395, take the Gorge Rd exit to the east (also called Gorge Rd Connection on Google Maps). I can navigate directly here: https://google.com/maps/place/37°26'42.4"N+118°33'56.0"W/@37.445114,-118.5681329
  2. There are two options for parking lots.


Map of 395 and Owens River Gorge parking
Map of 395 and Owens River Gorge parking

Why are these directions necessary?

There have been multiple times that I went astray when navigating to Owens River Gorge. Many of the roads in this area are closed to the public, though Google Maps will still show driving directions using those roads. This has lead to some confusion as I'm sitting in my car looking at a blocked off road that my navigation system is telling me to drive on. Hopefully these directions will prevent such incidents in the future.

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